Clearco Dashboard Redesign


This is an ongoing project at Clearco to improve our founder dashboard.

This case study is still a work in progress. Please check back soon for updates. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any specific questions.

My Role
Lead Designer (Research, UX, UI)

Product Designer, Umar Bacchus
Nan Jiang, Product Manager

Problem Discovery

Customer interviews revealed a number of glaring user pain points. We also partnered with our Customer Success Team to further understand and prioritize pain points based on their prevalence. As a result, we prioritized two key user tasks:

  1. Spending Funds
  2. Repaying Advances

Spend Page

The client spend page was our first priority. We knew from past research that founders who spent their capital within their first month of funding had a 75% increase in customer retention (coming back for another round of funding).

Version 1

spend 1
  • Users couldn’t intuit the difference between available balance and outstanding balance.
  • Users couldn’t easily access payment information.
  • Too much information.

Version 2

spend 2
  • Users couldn’t reconcile total available spend and individual advance funds.
  • Users expected payment CTA closer to total available spend callout.

Version 3 (Final)

spend 3

Advances Page

Customers had trouble comprehending the various numbers reported on the advance page. The goal was to make the information on the screen as intuitive as possible and provide education when needed.

Version 1

advances 1
  • Users confused their available balance with their total outstanding balance.
  • Users didn't understand the meaning of different data viz colours.

Version 2

advances 3
  • Tabbed navigation wasn't intuitive.
  • Users had trouble finding past advance information.

Version 3 (Final)

advances 2
User Comprehension

The advance page conveys a tonne of information. Displaying it all at once to our users led to a lot of confusion. A bit of clean-up of unnecessary information in the UI helped to improve user comprehension.


Before — Many users found it difficult to accurately interpret the many numbers, labels, and colours on the repayment panel. 


After — Only the most essential pieces of information were left over. Label copy was made consistent, and a colour legend was added.

Responsive Mobile

As we had about 35% of our recurring users accessing our platform using a mobile device, all screens designs were built to be fully mobile responsive.